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Сельский балкон

Бвлкон в прыщах

Aalst 2012


Rokko island, Kobe

“Three, two, one… You’re back in the room.”

Kobe, Rokko island and airport.

Japan 2009

cycling in Korea

random effect

IMG_0003 by Sergii Denega
IMG_0003, a photo by Sergii Denega on Flickr.

“For another, it is not at all self-evident why the pursuit of truth should take precedence over the pursuit of power.”

new direction

There is a new page with my pictures. Only digi stuff and it is much more colorful than here ;-).
Phone stream.
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View from favelas

View from favelas by Sergii Denega
View from favelas, a photo by Sergii Denega on Flickr.

Walking in Rio.

October view

This was a long time ago, but now October view is coming.

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Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday by Sergii Denega
Roman Holiday, a photo by Sergii Denega on Flickr.

window in the church.

Rome, June 2011

inspired by travelbooze

Finnish New Year

Finnish New Year

Loma-Rantala at Syväri lake, Finland 2011


blowball by Sergii Denega
blowball, a photo by Sergii Denega on Flickr.

another wall in favelas of Rio de Janeiro

on a way to Corcovado

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