… analog (mostly) black and white photography …



Born in 83…

Studied… played b-ball… studied further… become a nerd…

Went to university in Kiev

Started PhD in Groningen (Group of physics of nanodevices and subgroup)

In a mean time married to Kateryna Naumova

got a PhD on October 3, 2011 here

now work here

My public Linkedin profile

My pictures on Flickr.

My Mendeley profile.

p.s. Russian speaking Mac users “must have”

5 Replies

  1. Very nice website!

  2. Leuke website – sfeervolle foto’s! Groet :-), Fros

  3. nice site… i didnt know u have such :D
    very dark but funny
    guess who iz me

  4. Valentyn Jan 17th 2011

    Serj, ti jjesh. prosto sait mutcya )

  5. Awesome website!!!
    Amazing pics!!!

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