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View from favelas

View from favelas by Sergii Denega
View from favelas, a photo by Sergii Denega on Flickr.

Walking in Rio.

another wall in favelas of Rio de Janeiro

on a way to Corcovado

Wall in favelas of Rio de Janeiro

I'm taking a break. Posting will be highly irregular for a while. Stay tuned...

books in Rio de Janeiro

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bicycle in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, November 2010 Amsterdam from lukaround has more bicycles. For racing bicycles go to travelbooze

Phones in Rio

Everyone is on a phone there...

Public phone Continue Reading...

Face of the week #12

São Paulo boys.

São Paulo, November 2010

Rio. Slightly out of focus

LOMO day in Rio de Janeiro.

Everything is slightly out of focus. Continue Reading...

First Impressions of Rio

Copacabana Rio de Janeiro Continue Reading...

(not) Girl with a (not) Pearl (not) Earring. Rio, Nov 2010

Bored in November? - Rio de Janeiro is the place to be.

One day I will not be lazy and will post more about that trip. Sorry, but for now this is it. Bye.

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