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Aubergine #0724831, bicycle and me

Another Saturday, another market in Groningen.

Mass production and giga-tons of plastic. Continue Reading...


Nice place with a lot of sand and difficult name for all, except Dutch.

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Face of the week #7

This time 2 faces got a nomination :-)

Bye. p.s. original frame was some color Fuji negative (horrible for scanning)

Goedemorgen maandag!

Bye. p.s. May be this year ... lukaround

Walking on sunshine

Just now Mr. Travelbooze (or may be I should say Cyclebooze) is having a PhD defense. In approximately one hour he will become a doctor. A useless type of doctors, but I guess it is still fun. Continue Reading...

Dutch and Turkish

Guess who is who :-)

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Accidental double exposure //Part2//

The second part of my accident with double exposure. Now with faces. Eiffel Tower + Cologne Cathedral

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Accidental double exposure //Part1//

Now I keep new films in the separate bag and don't mix them with used ones, but... it was not always the case... Here are the results. The Montelbaans Tower (Montelbaanstoren) + Seine (view from Eiffel Tower)

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