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Made in Holland in het Mauritshuis

You still have a time until January 30 (2011). It is worth of taking a day off!

On the ice by Hendrick Avercamp (1610)

On the ice by Hendrick Avercamp (1610)

This is just an example (not even the most awesome one). Its from deaf and mute author in 17th century! (check his paintings here). Now you can imagine what less handicapped authors could produce. My favorite museum (generally I hate them) shows the collection of Old Masters. So take a day off and go there. All info is of course can be found on a web page of the Mauritshuis Note, the museum is open only until 5 p.m. In order to enjoy both exhibitions ("Made in Holland" and the permanent part of the main collection) at a reasonable tempo you will probably need approximately 3 hours. The audio guide is free and it is made okay. The only annoying thing there is the comments from the owners of the collection. Looks like they wanted to show themselves, and not their paintings. May be that is why the old lady (Rose-Marie de Mol van Otterloo) likes to comment on every second picture that she likes how "this" picture looks in her living room or in the bedroom. An how she was happy to get "that" picture on her 50th birthday in London... A bit too much of that crap stuff. You can also see her talking in the usual Dutch movie about the exposition. This time the movie is a bit boring (it also includes "her" concerns that "this picture is to big and we actually never hang it in our house"). If one skips all that silly things and focus only on the paintings - the exhibition is great! MUST SEE! Even if you will miss "Made in Holland", go there for the permanent exhibition. Although some of the items may not be there now. As note on a wall says "This painting is traveling." But don't worry! "The Dutch Mona Lisa" is there. You can also see my version :-) or I should say interpretation of that painting. Bye.

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